Renewable energies are essential to achieve the objective of reducing the carbon footprint of our modern  society. As such a solar panel (photovoltaic / PV Panel), can produce in 2 years the energy that was needed for its production.

This carbon footprint can be even lowered by recycling the silicon lost during the different​ production steps of the PV panels. Indeed, 40% of silicon is lost during the wafering step. This silicon kerf is currently not yet recovered. The project aims at recycling and purifying this kerf for its re-use in the Si-based ceramic and photovoltaic industries.

The consortium gathers the expertise of CEA INES specialized in solar energy, ReSiTec, a Nowegian recycling company, and ECM Greentech, a manufacturer of crystallization furnaces. Erdyn, a French consulting firm specialized in research and innovation, is a subcontractor for CEA and supports the feasibility study and the go-to-market strategy.