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SELISI Project Consortium

Published on 3 October 2020


The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) is key player in research, development and innovation.
Part of CEA, LITEN is a major European research institute and a driving force behind the development of the sustainable energy technologies of the future. The institute is spearheading the EU's efforts to limit dependency on fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in three key areas : renewable energy, energy efficiency/storage and development of materials.
In the field of photovoltaic solar energy, the world renowned National Institute of Solar Energy (INES), based in Chambery, plays a pivotal role in advancing CEA's solar research strategy. The research teams investigate all aspects of solar photovoltaic energy –materials, cells, modules, systems, electricity storage, demonstrations and diagnostic testing
​ReSiTec AS is a technology company located in Kristiansand, Norway, specializing in handling and treatment of powder and slurry.
Research and development services: ReSiTec is offering process development and pilot services to a wide range of industry. Many of our projects are related to circular economy and recycling of raw material
Recycling of silicon kerf from photovoltaic: ReSiTec has industrial expertise in recycling of silicon kerf.
Production of silicon powder and mineral powders: ReSiTec is a producer of high purity silicon powder and is doing toll production of mineral powders.

The ECM Group is the world leader in solutions and services for industrial heat treatments with strong value adding properties. ECM Greentech, subsidiary of ECM Group, is specialized in equipment and turn-key lines for the renewable energies and storage.
ECM has pioneered the development of industrial size silicon casting furnaces with one of the first in the world 60 kgs furnace delivered in 1983. With a strong industrial focus, ECM kept increasing the capacity and efficiency of the furnace as well as providing innovation.
ECM Greentech proposes turn-key solutions for the manufacturing of vertically integrated photovoltaic panels: From silicon melting and purification to the necessary products to manufacture solar panels. ECM Greentech is also specialized in the design, manufacturing and commercialization of industrial furnace for crystal growth and in the engineering of factories producing renewables energies.

Erdyn is a French consulting firm specialized in research and innovation.
Erdyn's services include market analysis, techno-economic analysis, strategic analysis, IP strategy management, technology forecasting, state of art analysis, innovation diagnosis and organization, establishment and management of European and national collaborative projects and development and assessment of public policies on research and innovation, among others.
Erdyn is a subcontractor of CEA for the project and brings key expertise to the project in market assessment, identification of client needs and potential end-users, IPR management and dissemination and exploitation of results.